In-Stream Whitewater Parks

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Master Planning

  Master Plan and Conceptual Design: The first step in the design process is typically a master plan/ Concept Design and Feasibility study. Depending on a client’s objectives this can be a broad stroke effort—as with a master plan, or a focused effort—as with the Concept Design and Feasibility Study. Master Plan: A City, Town, […]

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Feasibility and Conceptual Design

Whitewater Park Feasibility and Conceptual Design—this is the first must-do part of a project. This phase is tasked with determining whether a particular project is possible and, if so, how it could look and function and what the approximate costs of the project would be.  If done right this part of the project is very […]

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Whitewater Park Economic Impact Studies

Whitewater Park Economic Impact Studies S2o has undertaken numerous Whitewater Park economic studies for varying communities who would like to understand the benefits of creating a whitewater park in their communities.  The studies quantify the direct, indirect, and induced impacts to the community.  These analysis help decision makers and funding bodies make informed decisions with […]

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Whitewater Park Preliminary Design

Preliminary Design—this phase gets to the heart of the design elements of project. If the Feasibility phase is about identifying what needs to be done to complete a project, Preliminary Design is about doing them.   It is a phase tasked with completing the necessary actions required to finalize the design functionality and layout and to […]

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Permitting—permitting is a process that permeates most of the design phases. It is typical to work with regulatory authorities during the preliminary design phase to establish criteria and priorities for the project.  Permit applications are typically submitted following the completion of Preliminary Design. S2o can provide assistance in pursuing many permits related to in-stream work […]

Final Design and Construction Documents

Final Design and Construction Documentation—this is the “after-design” phase. Documents are created that help define the project for the contractor including all sections, details, specifications and bid items.  Often the whitewater park designer will work with the client or the community to step through these processes.

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Construction Oversight and Inspection

Construction Oversight and Inspection—this is the dirty work. In this phase the contractor and the design team work together to build the project to our exacting specifications.  Often we have representatives in the field virtually full-time to ensure an accurate build that is aesthetically beautifully and highly functional!

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Course Commissioning

Course Commissioning—the final phase and the one where we finally get to get wet! Paddling experts get in the water and test the project, often tuning wave characteristics and project features until the project is fully functional and meets design objectives.