Master Planning


The Durango Whitewater Park Master Plan


Master Plan and Conceptual Design:

The first step in the design process is typically a master plan/ Concept Design and Feasibility study. Depending on a client’s objectives this can be a broad stroke effort—as with a master plan, or a focused effort—as with the Concept Design and Feasibility Study.

Master Plan:

A City, Town, or Region’s master plan is typically a broad-brush effort to plan a coordinated development and recreational layout. The focus for these plans are to target places, connectivity, and activities in a way that leverages opportunities within a community and drives smart-growth and development as well as smart recreation. Master plans that include river parks are typically focused along a river corridor and include plans for trails (existing and proposed), parking and access points, restrooms and facilities, and, often, a whitewater park as a central anchor attraction that hosts events and festivals.

S2o is often a part of a master-planning team that includes a lead planner as well as economic and public process experts. We work with the planning team and the community to develop a holistic master plan that makes sense for entire communities—not just the expert boaters who choose to brave the rapids. Our team brings expert advice regarding the location of the whitewater park as well as information regarding the challenges and opportunities for the park within a particular community.