S2o Design

Reinventing Whitewater

S2o Design is the world’s premier design and engineering company behind the world’s most successful whitewater park designs and river engineering projects.

Our team of expert boater-engineers has planned, conceived, designed and created some of the highest profile in-stream and pumped whitewater parks in the world. We are the designers of the world’s most impactful parks including the London 2012 Olympic Venue, the Durango Whitewater Park and the U.S. National Whitewater Center.

A successful whitewater or kayak park requires a collaborative and information-based design process driven by the wishes and desires of the people who use the park. Great parks are informed by a mix of recreation, restoration, economics and community inputs and created by those who have a passion for their work.

S2o Design was founded by World Cup Champion paddler Scott Shipley.  Scott and his staff are committed design engineers, architects, landscape architects, and planners who share a love for whitewater sport.  We believe that no other team understand whitewater park design the way we do.  Our company is founded in the precept that whitewater experiences for paddlers should be designed by paddlers!

Our design ethic centers around the belief that any

whitewater park design

is the balance between the environment that surrounds our projects, the community in which we build our projects, and the people who use our projects.  The whitewater park design process defines the locus where the potential for healthy river habitat is balanced with needs of the community and the desires of the people who pursue whitewater sport.

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