From initial designs through every step of the process, S2O Design & Engineering brings to life unique and innovative whitewater parks that enrich communities with adventure sports, outdoor activities, and endless opportunities for recreation.

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S2O Design parks are so much more than just whitewater parks -
They’re community parks.

Yes, whitewater parks are great for kayakers , surfers, standup paddlers, and rafters seeking adventure. Yet, only about one in seven park visitors actually gets wet. We take a comprehensive approach to design that considers how each user type and the community as a whole will experience the river and surrounding areas.

From dynamic Olympic channels to beautiful community river parks that utilize the natural environment surrounding them,
There’s so much more to our designs than you think.
In addition to paddlers and surfers,
our parks provide a place for the community and visitors to unwind and enjoy nature, whether they’re fishing, going for a walk, studying, shopping, or spending time with family.
There are two main types of parks:
In-Stream Whitewater Parks
and Pumped Whitewater Parks.

Don’t know the difference or unsure which model might fit your community? We’ve got you covered.

One of the first questions we always get asked is:
Where do we start?

No park is built without thorough research into the potential economic impact and environmental needs. Once we’ve got that figured out, we work with you from design through engineering, ensuring your new community park is not only cutting-edge but also beneficial to the surrounding area.

You’ve probably seen our work.

S2O Design is honored to be behind some of the most well-known parks anywhere in the world, including the 2012 Olympic whitewater venue. We’ve become the leading choice for whitewater park design because our team is continually pushing boundaries and seeking new innovations.

Still not sure where to start?

Let’s chat! Our team is happy to answer all of your questions and figure out the best way to get the ball rolling to bring a whitewater park to your community.