A wave of innovation awaits you.

S2O Design offers all the services a community needs when navigating the myriad factors that go into designing a safe, fun, and sustainable whitewater recreation facility. From concept to ground breaking and development to grand opening, S2O Design offers the expertise and experience your river recreation or restoration project needs.

Ready to learn about the world of whitewater parks?

Our whitewater services include:

In-Stream Whitewater Parks

In-stream parks enhance the natural stream bed to provide a wide range of activities and entertainment for the communities that house them.

Pumped Whitewater Parks

Pumped whitewater parks rely on a recirculating system that allows direct control of the park’s requests. Our process includes a feasibility and conceptual design study, economic impact studies, design, permitting, and much more.

River Engineering

S2O is a general river engineering services provider, this includes floodplain analysis, design of hydraulic structures, diversions, design of river access points, river restoration, and other general river engineering services.

River Surf Parks

River surf parks are adjustable waves that are configured to create standup surfboarding features that can be adjusted from beginner to expert level.

Swiftwater Rescue Training Centers

Custom-designed swiftwater training canals that optimize the swiftwater training experience in order to create realistic, real life training scenarios including: car in the water, flooded buildings, and deadly low-head dam scenarios.

General Services

Our a-la-carte services include RapidBlocs, concept level renderings, whitewater park design, and more.

Let us help you realize your vision with a whitewater park that will bring adventure and an economic boom to your community.