Durango Whitewater Park Surf Contest

Check out this great video of the Durango Whitewater Park in action!  The Durango Whitewater Park Surf Contest, a part of Animas River Days, was a spectacular success.  Check out all the great kayaking, surfing, rafting and slalom!



“Last call….first wave! Ever had a Ska Beer? This man is responsible! 4100 and rising….the park is exploding today!”

“Durango Surfing going off!”

“Animas River Days 2016 comes to a close. The river was huge for the competition day, Saturday, running over 4000 cfs. Slalom competition in the morning was fun; I was the only female competitor in a plastic boat; as the announcer said, “She so crushed the competition that the second and third place competitors didn’t bother to show up!”