S2o engineered wall balances both the structural and aesthetic design
The rock terracing re-stabilizes the bankside and structures
New rock terracing blends into the existing, remaining post-flood rock work
The large patio area situated 8 feet above the N. St. Vrain River
S2o engineered bank terracing grading plan

Lyons, Colorado

The private residence is located along the North Saint Vrain Creek in Lyons, Colorado. The 2013 Colorado Flood devastated the property; damaging an existing bridge abutment, severing the residence’s waterline, eradicating 120 linear feet of multi-tier rock terracing, and washing away approximately 3,600 square feet of river front property.

Balancing site aesthetics with structural engineering presented a challenge; the bankside dropped approximately 16 feet over a 30 foot horizontal distance. The balanced design focused on re-stabilizing the bank and restoring the existing bank line by constructing a four tier rock terrace wall. The terraces, which were placed at varying elevations, created multiple outdoor living areas and provided the family with spaces they could enjoy at various water levels. The terraces were engineered to withstand large flood events and groundwater infiltration and designed to lighten the look and feel of the engineered wall. This was accomplished by reducing the rock size as the tiers elevated and by placing planting pockets, at varying elevations, to enclose spaces and contrast the rigid red sandstone.

The project was designed and engineered on a tight time line to ensure the project was completed prior to spring run-off to avoid additional damage.