S2o Featured for its Innovative Applications of Civil-3D Autocad Software

Civil 3D is used around the world for some pretty amazing projects but, when you think of Civil 3D projects, you think of roads and land development. Dana Probert with Autodesk has shown some pretty cool things that Civil 3D can do but recently I ran across someone that is really thinking outside the box. Read on for more.
2012 Olympics in London
In 2012 the Olympics will once again draw people from across the globe to compete for the highly coveted gold medal. Prior to that, a lot of work has to be done. I’m sure that Civil 3D will be used for many different aspects in the design of the infrastructure needed for such an important event, a roadway here, a parking lot there, a drainage structure over there. These are all very important and cool (to a geek like me) but, there is one place that Civil 3D will be used in a rather unconventional way.
Scott Shipley with S2O Design and Engineering in Boulder, CO is a world class kayaker. In his thirty years as a kayaker, Scott has four world titles, has been in the Olympics three times, he has 10 national titles, as well as numerous other awards. In other words, when it comes to kayaking, Scott knows all about it.
Scott Shipley Designs Lee Valley Whitewater Park
The Civil 3d Model Created by Scott Shipley for the London Olympics