River Engineering

permitting river projects


Permitting—permitting is a process that permeates most of the design phases. It is typical to work with regulatory authorities during the preliminary design phase to establish criteria and priorities for the project.  Permit applications are typically submitted following the completion of Preliminary Design. S2o can provide assistance in pursuing many permits related to in-stream work […]

hydraulic modeling, HEC-RAS modeling

1-D, 2-D, CFD and Physical Hydraulic Modeling

S2o uses several different modeling techniques to ensure the accuracy of the project from design through construction. In addition to new projects, S2O’s models have been used to evaluate designs created by competing firms and have been credited with saving clients hundreds of thousands of dollars in required fixes and changes. These techniques include: Computer […]

river bank stabilization,

Bank Stabilization

S2o provides bank stabilization using various hardened bank and natural bank stabilization techniques. These techniques include riprap and boulder retaining walls, engineered wood and vegetative bio stabilization, and more passive river training structures such as bendway weirs and J-hooks. Our experience with high energy river designs brings a valuable knowledge of where different techniques will […]

Boater friendly Diversion structures, s2o designed diversion structures

Diversion Structures

S2o designs diversion structures for municipal, commercial, and agricultural water supply intakes. We are experienced in the layout and construction of both concrete and native rock structures. We specialize in configuration of diversion structures that efficiently divert the decreed flow rate, while also providing for recreational use and upstream fish passage.

River access, ADA river access, boat ramp

River Access and Boat Ramps

S2o designs and constructs river access and boat ramps for the purpose of raft trailer ingress/egress. We also specialize in the configuration of access roads to/from the boat launches to create efficient site circulation patterns.  S2o designs eddy improvements for recreational improvements and creating putin/take-out points.  We are experienced in the layout and design of […]

Fish Passage

S2o works with State Environmental Agencies during the planning and design phases of in-channel structures to address fish passage concerns. We have pioneered several whitewater park specific techniques to promote upstream fish passage and are well versed in more traditional techniques such as fish ladders and open-bottom culverts.

Stream Restorations and Aquatic Habitat Enhancements

S2o provides stream restorations and aquatic habitat enhancements. We develop channel designs and enhancements using Analytical Design principles and Natural Channel Design methodologies such as Cross Vanes, J-Hooks, and Engineered Wood.