Whitewater Park Design

A kayaker surfing a whitewater park design by s2o design

A paddler surfing a whitewater park design by S2o

S2o provides Whitewater Park Design Services from feasibility to construction oversight and tuning. Throughout the design process, the client and stakeholders are consulted and their desires become the focal point of the design. Designs are created based on information gathered and presented to the client for review and input. Iterations are made to ensure the project meets all the outlined objectives. Once the project has been designed, detailed calculations and modeling are completed and construction documents, including sections, details and specifications are created to help define the project for the contractor.
S2o also provides construction oversight inspections to ensure the Whitewater Park design is accurately built. S2o, which is comprised of expert boaters, tests the project and, if needed, tunes wave characteristics and features to ensure the project is fully functional and meets design objectives.