PRESS RELEASE: S2O Design and Engineering aids the Town of Lyons in winning a $1 million flood recovery grant to reconstruct Meadow Park

Lyons, CO:  Colorado Governor John Hickenlooper visited Lyons, Colorado today to announce the recipients of the Great Outdoors Colorado (GOCO) Flood Recovery grants for 2014.  The Town of Lyons came away the big winner with a $1 million dollar award for the reconstruction of Meadow Park.

“This park is central not only to our community, but to our economy”, said Parks and Recreation Director Dave Cosgrove.  S2o worked with Cosgrove as well as others in the community to help define the project, craft the grant, and create conceptual designs to aid GOCO in visualizing Lyons’ concept for the new and improved Meadow Park.

“We have a lot of projects we are working on at S2o right now”, said S2o Director Scott Shipley, “but the thing we are most proud of as a team are our efforts to help our hometown recover from the flood.”  The $1 million dollar grant will aid Lyons with the more than $4 million dollars in damages that occurred in Meadow Park during the September 2013 flooding event.  Rainfall in that month created flows of greater than 20,000 cubic feet per second in a streambed that normally runs less than 600 cubic feet per second.  The disaster is credited with causing more than $50 million dollars damage to the Town as a whole.

“The great thing this grant does, more than any other funding so far, is begin the process of recreating Lyons as a destination for visitors and as a rebuilt Town for the people of Lyons.  This is one of our first projects that is designed to welcome people back to this community”, commented S2o Engineer Nathan Werner.  The funding will be put to use almost immediately as the S2o and DHM designed phase 1 of meadow park begins construction later this month.

PRESS RELEASE: S2O Design Creates Lyons Outdoor Games Events Centers

S2o Volunteer’s for the Lyons Outdoor Games

Organizers of the Lyons Outdoor Games came to S2O Design with an urgent request: Can you pull together whitewater for this year’s Lyons Outdoor Games? A 1-in-500 year flood event devastated the town of Lyons, CO in 2013 and damaged a large swath of Town around the river. While the Town is committed to continuing its outdoor games, venues have needed to be re-created in order to host many of the events. S2o was asked to help create both the Slalom and Freestyle venues. S2o worked with the Town of Lyons Department of Parks, Recreation, and Cultural Events and the local parks and recreation commission as well as organizers of the Outdoor Games to create the whitewater park needed for the games to occur.

S2O Design donated more than $10,000 in in-kind services and also sponsored the event. As a part of its efforts S2O Design worked with local stakeholders to design and lay-out the slalom and freestyle venues and then applied for USACE and FEMA permits required to work in the active waterway. The improvements included creation of a freestyle feature at the Black Bear hole and stabilization of the riverbed at the former location of the “A-Hole”, installation of a bendway weir to redirect flow off the south bank, and random boulder placements for slalom eddies and character.

The redesign has been a resounding success. The Freestyle feature is in and creates a great venue for the competition. The new eddies and pools also create a much better reach for the slalom races during this year’s Lyons Outdoor Games. “We are so excited to have world-class features for this year’s outdoor games” said event Organizer Rebecca Louzan, “we look forward to having some of the country’s best paddlers here on May 30th for the games”.

The Lyons Outdoor Games is a premier Colorado outdoor lifestyle, adventure sport and music festival. There will be a number of events focused around Bohn Park including a kid’s climbing wall and drink craft microbrew from over 50 craft microbreweries around the country. There will also be a number of world class athletes competing in professional kayaking, dirt jumping and slacklining comps! Visitors can sign up for this year’s Beer Relay or kick off your flip flops and jump on a slackline. Music will be performed by national touring acts and there will be concessions for food and beverages.

S2O Design is excited to have helped make this event happen. We are proud to provide our services to enhance great events like the Lyons Outdoor Games and to make Lyons a better place to live, visit, and recreate in.

Wired Magazine: Exciting new technologies of the Olympics–Rapidblocs

The Olympic Delivery Authority — the folks responsible for developing and building Olympic venues — gave Shipley’s team a concept. The design requirements state the channel be an average of 1.4 meters deep, though it can vary from 40 cm to 2 meters, and a 5.5-meter drop. Once they designed a course that met those parameters, S20Design created an obstacle system in which all the boulders in the channel can be easily moved to change the behavior of the course and make the water rougher or smoother. The system, called Rapid Blocs, uses stackable blocks on rails.