Denver Post: Colorado kayaker Scott Shipley shapes London Olympic whitewater venue.

S2o Engineer Scott Shipley working on the Physical Model of the Lee Valley Whitewater Centre
Scott Shipley adjust the hydraulic model of the London 2012 Whitewater Venue
The teens gather in Scott Shipley’s garage in Lyons, grabbing kayaks and paddles before joining the three-time Olympian for a weekly kayak session on the St. Vrain River.
The water-born mentoring is yet another example of Shipley giving back to the sport that has defined his 40 years.
With four world titles and three Olympic showings, Shipley has been long considered America’s greatest slalom kayaker. But his latest contribution to paddling — almost a decade after stepping away from competition — might just eclipse his accomplishments in the boat.
From his home office in Lyons, Shipley’s S2o Design company developed the hydraulic features in the 2012 London Olympics whitewater course.
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S2o & EPD Designed Olympic Whitewater Park Flows Water for First Time

London 2012 Olympics: Canoe Slalom venue set to open to public at Lee Valley White Water Centre

Lee Valley White Water Centre, the venue for the Canoe Slalom event at the London 2012 Olympics, is ready to be opened to the public on Friday.

The opening of the centre, which is the only brand new Olympics venue the public can access and enjoy ahead of the Games, will provide a legacy some 15 months before London 2012.

Members of the public will be able to try white water rafting along the same rapids that Olympic canoeists will use during the Games when some 60,000 spectators descend upon the centre for five days of Canoe Slalom action.

Lord Sebastian Coe, chair of the London organising committee, praised the venue for providing an early legacy for the Games before branding it a “world class venue” for the sport.

“Seeing the Lee Valley White Water Centre open to the public is a great example of an early legacy for London,” said Lord Coe.

“This venue provides the opportunity for a new generation of water sports enthusiasts to get active and engaged in fun and challenging sports as well as providing us with a world class Olympic venue for Canoe Slalom.”

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Shipley Wins Inventor of the Year Award from Popular Science

U.S. National Whitewater Center

World’s Largest Artificial Whitewater Park

Scott Shipley USNWC whitewater Park Design
Scott Shipley of S2o Design Wins Inventor Award

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No one gets into white-water kayaking to paddle fake rivers. So I had some serious doubts as to whether a 12-million-gallon tank of recirculating water could replicate the real thing. And frankly, it doesn’t —the waves and holes, which can be finely tuned with pneumatic gates and moveable rocks, are less prone to the subtle changes of a natural-flowing stream. But it’s just that predictability that makes you want to push yourself harder and drop into that big wave again and again. Which is easy to do in whitewater that knows no season and runs under lights until 11 p.m.
—Tom Colligan From $15 for 90 minutes;

S2o Featured for its Innovative Applications of Civil-3D Autocad Software

Civil 3D is used around the world for some pretty amazing projects but, when you think of Civil 3D projects, you think of roads and land development. Dana Probert with Autodesk has shown some pretty cool things that Civil 3D can do but recently I ran across someone that is really thinking outside the box. Read on for more.
2012 Olympics in London
In 2012 the Olympics will once again draw people from across the globe to compete for the highly coveted gold medal. Prior to that, a lot of work has to be done. I’m sure that Civil 3D will be used for many different aspects in the design of the infrastructure needed for such an important event, a roadway here, a parking lot there, a drainage structure over there. These are all very important and cool (to a geek like me) but, there is one place that Civil 3D will be used in a rather unconventional way.
Scott Shipley with S2O Design and Engineering in Boulder, CO is a world class kayaker. In his thirty years as a kayaker, Scott has four world titles, has been in the Olympics three times, he has 10 national titles, as well as numerous other awards. In other words, when it comes to kayaking, Scott knows all about it.
Scott Shipley Designs Lee Valley Whitewater Park
The Civil 3d Model Created by Scott Shipley for the London Olympics